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Saint Petersburg Metro





 Subway unit concept for

Saint Petersburg


Exterior, interior and cabin design

Virtual reality

1:1 Mock-up

The objective of the project was the creation of a modern, technological and avant-garde metro design for the future line 6 of Saint Petersburg, scheduled for operation in 2025. The design was presented with a full-scale model during the SmartTransport-2019 exhibition, which took place in St. Petersburg itself.

The exterior of the train reflects the modernity and challenges of the project with a clean, elegant and bold design. Both the front lighting and the side design solve in a simple and iconic way the general character of the project, with a futuristic and easy to remember image. The interior design is influenced by the architecture of the city's own metro stations, of great architectural value, as well as by the art-deco that permeates the city. The interior architecture responds to the new standards of quality, comfort and user focused technology.

All these design aspects were materialized in the life-size model developed and directed by Integral Design, made of aluminum, which can be displayed both indoors and outdoors.