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Talgo 250 HSR



2004 / 2005


Complete design of the aerodynamic mask of the high speed train 250


Conceptual design

Design in detail

Aerodynamic model


Production assistance

talgo 250 (render) 3.jpg

In 2001, Talgo launched its first very high-speed train, the Talgo 350. This would be the star vehicle for the Madrid-Barcelona connection alongside an other from a German manufacturer. In 2004, after the successful reception of Talgo in the world of very high speed, the decision was made to create a high-speed vehicle, which was originally called the Talgo 250, alluding to its commercial speed. During this time we worked with Talgo in the search for a formal language that could become their visual identity.

This tractor unit and the interior design of the cabin were born after the completion of the TRAVCA locomotive and therefore inherit some of the characteristic details of Talgo’s products from this era, the chamfer. This hallmark is used to define the basic geometries of the exterior, its fluid surface and its volume. Thanks to this timeless solution, this tractor unit, in different engine configurations, has become a best seller all over the world.

Bf_Córdoba_C,_Talgo_250 2.jpg
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