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Cercanías FGC



2010 / 2011


New suburban train at Vallés (Barcelona)


Exterior Design

Interior Design


Manufacturing Assistance

Design Book FGC enero2011-5.jpg

In 2010, FGC opened a public tender for the award of 15 suburban trains for its Vallés line. The trains, similar in configuration to the previous generation, had to update their safety and appearance features. We carried out the conceptual project that was presented to the contest and after winning it, it was carried out in detailed design work, engineering and manufacturing assistance, for Alstom.

The result is a vehicle compatible with the previous series in terms of distribution, but with a higher degree of comfort and a renewed aesthetic. The biggest change from the previous series was a revolutionary driver's desk. Completely different from the conventional desks in FGC that improved the driving experience, ergonomics and efficiency of the machinist's work. After validating the ergonomics in several volumetric verification models, the UPC gave the go-ahead to the ergonomics and cognitive design of the desk.

This was the first project in which we used Virtual Reality to show the design of the vehicle in the initial phases of the design, so that, in addition to digital images, FGC and Alstom were able to "visit" the vehicle, months before dispose of the train.

Design Book FGC enero2011-12.jpg
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