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A night travel revolution

in Scotland

CAF Caledonian Sleeper





Entire interior design: saloon cars, sleeping cars and cafeteria.


Strategy and Concept

Interior design

Virtual model

Immersive VR

This project responds to a local need for transport between the South and North of Great Britain. The multinational Serco took over the exploitation of the Caledonian Sleepers and chose CAF as it’s manufacturer.


In this project we work side by side with a local designer, Ian Smith, with a very particular vision of the environment he was looking for. CAF entrusted us with the design, development and design management of all the cars for this train: seating department, sleeping car, cafeteria car, and some other typology that disappeared during the project.

The result is a very personal and comfortable solution that differs in almost everything from its predecessors. The travel experience is completely different: it is closer to a hotel environment than to transport, and users can enjoy a series of local key amenities of which they had not enjoyed before, among them an exquisite kitchen, some cabins with a shower and 100% accessible rooms.