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Barcelona Metro





9000 Series


Conceptual design

Design in detail



Prototypes and manufacturing

Metro linia 9 b.jpg

This project was a big challenge, due to the different manual and automatic driving configurations and the modularity of its concept, which became the new standard for Alstom's Metropolis platform.

The project was born as a manual driving train adaptable to automatic driving with a front escape door. During development both versions were resolved, but in a modular way, that is, the design of the parts had to be compatible in both driving modes. The result is a manual and / or automatic cabin with a closed cabin or open space and a front end  with or without an escape door.

In addition to the entire cabin or exterior, the interior was solved with more suitable solutions for use, improved materials, all adapted to TMB's needs and the possibility of changing it according to the operator or line to whom it was directed. Modularity, adaptability and customizable. So much so that it became Alstom's new standard for the metro platform.

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